What is love anyway?

"Patience. Understanding. A hot cup of tea. A salt water bath. The wing (what we call it when I crawl in underneath my husband's arm and snuggle up next to him). Passionate kisses. An ache in my heart. Chocolate. Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate caramels from Trader Joe's. Kindness in the face of my anger. Receiving exactly what I need without having to ask. A heart-felt card. A good book. A sappy movie. Twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep. My son's smile. My son's hair. My son's energy. The way my son smells. The sun on my skin. Writing, when it's going well. Helping someone in need. Right now." --My answer to the question, "What is love?"

Love is squirrelly, isn't it? I don't know about you, but I am having a much harder time with love than I did with forgiveness. Forgiveness seemed pretty straight-forward to me. Feel wronged (or that you have wronged someone), write a Forgiveness Letter, Let It Go, Repeat. Love has been trickier for me.

Maybe because I have never focused on it before. I have felt it, I have fell in it, I have lost it, and I have looked for it, but I have never really spent time focusing on it in this way before.

What is love, really?

Is it passion? Is it romance? Is it commitment? Is it hot sex or a warm cuddle? Is it agape or eros or philia? Is it all of these things or none of them? Or all of them AND none of them, at the same time? 

The "quote" for today is a list of some of the things that feel like love to me. This isn't an exhaustive list by any means, just the first things that came to mind when I sat down to write.

For the rest of this week I am going to publish quotes that I think get at the heart of what love is. I hope you will chime in with your love words.

What is love TO YOU?

[BTW....Wikipedia has a whole series on LOVE. Can I just say, I LOVE this!?!]

[This photo is of a Valentine's Day card I got in the mail from The Heifer Foundation. I <3 it too!]


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