"What would love do?" --The Universe

The exercise for this month is simple: every time you encounter a situation which is difficult, painful, or confusing, simply STOP. Breathe. And ask yourself, "What would love do?" Then wait for the answer.

If this feels too vague, here are some alternate questions to try:

• What is the highest good for all concerned in this situation? 

• How could this situation be win-win? 

• How can I show love to myself/this person right now?

You might also come up with a question that works for you. 

If the answer doesn't come right away, continue to breathe until you feel you have more clarity. Or, if you need to make a decision right away, make the best decision you can make in the moment, knowing you are doing your very best at this time. 

Later you can go back and reflect on your decision; was that what love would have done? If not, what do you think love would have done? Can you try that next time?

The idea here isn't to be perfect, but to bring more awareness, more presence and - hopefully - more love, to our every day experiences. 

I will let you know how it goes for me and I would live to hear your experiences, either here or on my 28 Days of Love Facebook page.

In the meantime, I am going to go and make some reminder cards for myself and hang them up around my house: WWLD?


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