30 Days of Forgiveness 2015 - Day 5 - Be Nice to Your Ugly Parts

"...[O]ne day I stopped being so angry. 'You're just a little girl,' I said to myself. 'It's not your fault your parents died. It's okay you messed up. It's okay to be angry about your face and hate everyone. You're just a little girl. I forgive you, little girl, for all the bad things you did.' Like that. It's crazy isn't it? To have one part of your self be nice to another part. Like the nice part of my face saying nice things to the ugly part. After a while, the nice part and the ugly part stopped hating each other. There was peace inside of me...After that, I saw how the other girls were like me, and I started doing the same thing with them. I saw their ugly parts – and I tried to be nice to their ugly parts." --Francisco X Stork from Marcelo in the Real World

Love this quote about being nice to our ugly parts, and the ugly parts of others. This is such a big part of forgiveness. It is because of our ugly parts that we need forgiveness.

Today focus on forgiving your ugly parts, and the ugly parts of others.


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