Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And now for something completely different.

"Be grateful for every little thing today. Starting with the small things, you automatically appreciate the bigger gifts you have been given." --From The Akashic Records
I ran out of gratitude quotes this weekend. The one I used yesterday was the last one I had in my database. I panicked a little and then I remembered that I had asked The Universe to provide and I decided to trust that The Universe would. 

During an Akashic Records reading for a friend last week I got an idea - why not ask the Records for some quotes about gratitude? What I received in my reading with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones is what I will be posting this week. I hope you will enjoy it and find it inspirational.

Today I am grateful for:

1) The guidance and inspiration from my Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones through the Akashic Records. They always come through for me and I am so grateful.

2) Hearing "The Gambler" at church on Sunday. One thing I love about the music at our church is that nothing is off the table - country, classical, rock and roll, jazz. contemporary and traditional - we get to hear it all and sing it all.

3) FRIENDS - past, present and future.

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