Unexpected Angels

 "I think you should be in gratitude." --The Universe via PCQ (Lawn Dude)

Sometimes the Universe sends us messages via unexpected angels. 

A couple of summers ago I was having one of "those" days - the kids were restless, the day seemed unusually long, the summer hot and endless - when our lawn guy showed up to mow. 

He has been mowing our lawn for years now so if I am home I often go out and say "Hello," offer him something to drink or shoot the breeze for awhile. 

On this particular day I started complaining about the day and my life. When I was done he took a look around - at the freshly mowed yard, large for a city neighborhood, at my kids playing on the stairs nearby, and dropped this load of wisdom on me right out the blue. 

Immediately I realized he was right and it changed my whole day. Suddenly I saw my life through his eyes and it didn't look so bad. In fact, it was a life to be in gratitude for. And so I was. 

May your life be filled with reminders to be in gratitude today. 

Today I am in gratitude for:

1) Zach Braff's performance in the hauntingly beautiful "The High Cost of Living." It broke my heart in that really good way. 

2) Seeing "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" again with my family. 

3) For the reminder (via the book "Everyday Enlightenment") to keep my focus in my heart when I am seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, feeling, speaking or listening. 


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