The Tapestry of Life

"Now that I know that every encounter, challenge, and situation is a spectacular thread in a tapestry, and that each represents and defines my life, I am deeply grateful for them all." --Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer seems to agree with Crazy Mr. Parker that it is ALL worth being grateful for. What about you?

Here's my list for today:

1) Getting all my s**t done today. It was a long list and should have been impossible, but somehow it all worked out. Thank you Universe!

2) Realizing that I am so done with anger - mine and other people's.

3) A healthy and delicious dinner - local handmade sausage, roasted vegetables and brown rice.

[Seemingly useless scraps of paper become a work of art at the hands of my older son's third grade class. In the same way, the frustrating or un-enjoyable moments help to make up the tapestry of our lives.]


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