Practicing Gratitude - Say "Thank You"

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'Thank you,' that would suffice." --Meister Eckhart

Another way to practice gratitude is to say "Thank You" to God or The Universe, or whatever name you give to your higher power, as you go about your day. When something good happens, or something you perceive as bad doesn't happen, say "Thank You" in the moment. Do this all day long, whenever you think of it.

If you would like, extend this practice to those around you. Spread gratitude wherever you go thanking those who help you as you go about your day. If your kids eat all their breakfast say "Thank you," if your spouse unloads the dishwasher, say "Thank you."

Say "Thank you," to the bus driver who gets you to work safely and to the deli counter worker who makes your lunch. Say "Thank you" as often as you remember and know that it is enough.

Thank YOU for being here. Thank YOU for reading. And thank YOU for spreading the gratitude around our world this month.

Today I am grateful for:

1) Croissants fresh from the oven.

2) Making it to church fifteen minutes late thanks to "spring forward." (But at least I made it!)

3) Time this afternoon to organize old photos and to remember what sweet babies my sons were.


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