Focusing on the Good

"We have the opportunity every moment to focus on the good." --Karen Lindvig

Last night, in the middle of fixing dinner I got the call. "MOM! I NEED HELP!"

When I went upstairs to see what my older son needed, I found him standing in the center of his room with the huge Fathead of Russell Wilson he had gotten for Christmas all tangled up in a sticky, messy ball.

Normally this would be a yelling situation for me. Number one, I was in the middle of fixing dinner. Number two, Fatheads are not cheap. And number three, he had not used common sense in trying to do something so big without asking for help.

But thankfully - and this is the first thing on my list of what I am grateful for today - one of my guides or The Universe or my Higher Self tapped me on the shoulder and invited me to do it differently this time. To focus on the good.

My husband volunteered to finish making dinner and I set my sights on making this a positive learning experience for my son.

Working together, we managed to untangle Russell's legs, and then his mid-section and finally his head. And then we were able - after a couple of attempts - to get him up on the wall and to smooth him out enough to almost completely disguise the fact that we had partially ripped his head in the process.

After we were done my son started to berate himself (as I know he has seen me do to myself on many, many occasions) for being so stupid. I stopped him immediately and reminded him that he could not have known how hard it was going to be because he had never done it before. And then I told him I was proud of him for having the confidence to try and the courage to ask for help when things weren't going well.

I was proud of him, and I was proud of myself too, for listening to that still, small voice that is so easy to ignore, but always has the right answer. And for focusing on the good when it wasn't that easy to do.

Here are a couple of other things I am grateful for today:


3) A few hours of truly "free" time downtown while on jury duty.

[I am calling this photo, "All's Well That Ends Well."]


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