"Remember how LUCKY you are." --The Universe to me in 2004. 

Today I am grateful for:

1) My Life - I don't mean to start so big, but I just finished the book "Escape from Camp 14," a book about life in a North Korean Prison Camp. The life lived in these camps is unimaginably brutal; many of the children and adults born in these camps have never known anything else. Just to have been born in the Western world is something to be profoundly grateful for. 

2) Family time on the couch - After my younger son's basketball game, we all ended up on the couch with many blankets and many books. 

3) Sleep - I drank coffee during the day and did not sleep well the night before last. Lying down last night I could feel myself start to drift off immediately and I was so grateful to no longer be under the influence of caffeine. 


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