Bearing the Unbearable

"You breathe in gratitude, and you breathe it out, too. Once you learn how to do that, then you can bear someone who is unbearable."  --Anne Lamott

This seemed like a good one on the heels of The Betty Lous...

Breathing is a great way to deal with a multitude of things that are difficult and I love this advice from Anne Lamott to use it to bear the unbearable.

I think I will try this next time the kids are going nuts in the house - fighting, bouncing basketballs, running amok, leaving open doors and dirty socks in their wake. I am so profoundly grateful for them and find them so unbearable sometimes that this seems like the perfect way to balance these two truths.

Thanks Anne, I am grateful for you!

I am also grateful for:

1) Hot yoga on a COLD day.

2) A mini-foot rub from the yoga instructor during one of our resting periods.

3) That I didn't yell at the kids at dinnertime when they were complaining endlessly about what I had made. I just got up, took my plate and went and ate by myself in the living room. They are making dinner tonight :)

[More street art from jury duty...This is what it looks like around our house sometimes.....]


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