Friday, March 21, 2014

Bearing the Unbearable

"You breathe in gratitude, and you breathe it out, too. Once you learn how to do that, then you can bear someone who is unbearable."  --Anne Lamott

This seemed like a good one on the heels of The Betty Lous...

Breathing is a great way to deal with a multitude of things that are difficult and I love this advice from Anne Lamott to use it to bear the unbearable.

I think I will try this next time the kids are going nuts in the house - fighting, bouncing basketballs, running amok, leaving open doors and dirty socks in their wake. I am so profoundly grateful for them and find them so unbearable sometimes that this seems like the perfect way to balance these two truths.

Thanks Anne, I am grateful for you!

I am also grateful for:

1) Hot yoga on a COLD day.

2) A mini-foot rub from the yoga instructor during one of our resting periods.

3) That I didn't yell at the kids at dinnertime when they were complaining endlessly about what I had made. I just got up, took my plate and went and ate by myself in the living room. They are making dinner tonight :)

[More street art from jury duty...This is what it looks like around our house sometimes.....]

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