The Little Things


"It's the little things." --CJD

My college roommate always used to say this when she was pleased with something that had happened. We had a lot of little things to be grateful for back then: a hot cup of tea and chocolate chip scones after a long night of studying, an IU basketball victory over the dreaded Illini (DENY!), or a rock-star parking spot near our favorite bar on a Saturday night.

The wisdom still applies and is, it seems to me, what 30 Days of Gratitude is all about. Appreciating the little things each day that make life worth living. 

My "little things" for today are:

1) Fran's gray salt dark chocolate caramels.

2) Catching up on two of my favorite food blogs: Gluten-free Girl and the Chef & Orangette.

3) Being done with jury duty. At least for this go-round.

[The photograph is of our gorgeous Sun shining through the fall foliage on the IU Bloomington campus. Just one of the "little things" to be thankful for.]


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