30 Days of Forgiveness - Day 10 - Widsom from Zig Ziglar

 "Every obnoxious act is a cry for help." --Zig Ziglar

I have always loved this quote, but it is really resonating with me this morning.

As many of you already know, my husband and I are currently hosting my mother-in-law in our home after a recent car accident. Luckily she is very easy to be around and things have gone pretty smoothly so far.

This morning, however, one of her friends dropped by to bring something she needed and out of the blue lobbed a guilt bomb at me.


All of a sudden I was in a guilt-bomb-induced rage. And not just at her, but at everyone. No one was doing enough. Everyone was annoying. And a situation which had been going well was all of a sudden rendered untenable by one obnoxious act.

Thank GOD it is Forgiveness Month. I knew immediately what I had to do - and who was up today - and I told my husband I needed to go to my room.

Once I did the Forgiveness Letter, I was able breathe again, see clearly again, and move forward again without resentment coloring my every moment. 

The obnoxious really are asking for our help, crying out for it, and it takes every ounce of consciousness one can muster to respond and not react. I am still working on it, and not doing it perfectly by any means, but I didn't go off on anyone this morning and that feels like a victory of sorts.

Thank you for committing to forgiveness with me this month. Knowing you are all out there forgiving made it easier for me to do the right thing - the forgiving thing - this morning.


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