30 Days of Forgiveness - Day 7 - Wisdom from "Life"

"Revenge is a poison meant for others that we end up swallowing ourselves." --Life, Season 1, Episode 2

I love it when I see the woo-woo showing up on television. It makes me feel like my fellow seekers and I are making a difference, like the messages are seeping in, ever so slowly, to mainstream culture. And, also, it just makes for great TV.

"Life" is a perfect example of that.

On one level a police procedural drama, the underlying story - about a cop who is framed for murder, goes to prison, discovers ZEN Buddhism and is then exonerated years later - is one of hope, redemption and a whole lotta woo-woo. I highly recommend it, if only for the great quotes like this one. (Well, and Damian Lewis, who ain't too hard on the eyes....)

[Although "Life" was cancelled after only two seasons, it is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu.]


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