30 Days of Forgiveness - Day 30 - Wisdom from Vancouver BC


I wouldn't be me if you hadn't been you  --Vancouver BC Storefront

I don't particularly like this picture of myself, but it is what I looked like in one certain moment at one place in time.

Life in a human body isn't always glamorous, it isn't always fun and it isn't always what we had hoped for. Sometimes it is significantly less than that in fact.

The good news is, that isn't just true of you and it isn't just true of me. Everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, everyone has bad hair days, and everyone sometimes falls short of being the person they want to be, the person they are capable of being. That is why we all need forgiveness. And that is why I started 30 Days of Forgiveness.

I hope you have enjoyed the ride and feel that you have in some way benefited from it. I also hope that this will not be the end. I hope that you will continue to do forgiveness work in whatever way speaks to you and that you will continue to forgive yourself in those moments when you need it.

I think this quote really sums it up. We make each other who we are, for better AND for worse. That's why we are here. To learn. To grow. To evolve. And we can't do that without each other, even the "others" we find most annoying. Perhaps we need them most of all.

So, thanks, to each of you for making me who I am today. It is because of you and your participation and support over the past thirty days that I am who I am today. I wouldn't be me if you hadn't been you. Truly.

[Congratulations to our 30 Days of Forgiveness prize winners! The winners of Dr Cat's custom-made  Ho'oponopono greeting cards are: Deborah Boomer, Diana Graves, and Thomas May. I also decided to donate a free Akashic Records reading to one of our participants and the winner of that prize is: Teri Blair. Winners, please message me on Facebook to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who participated and stay tuned for what comes next! Lots of love, Lara]


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