30 Days of Forgiveness - Day 17 - Forgiveness Focus - Parents


"Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them." --Oscar Wilde

This is one of my husband's favorite quotes about forgiveness and he reminds me of it often. Both in the context of me as parent and me as child.

Another great one about forgiving your parents is: "Our parents job is to wound us in the exact way our soul needs to do its work in this lifetime." (Bevin Keely)

This weekend think about your parents, or about yourself as a parent, and see if there is any forgiveness work to do here. I would be surprised if you were to find that there isn't, given the important and karmic nature of these primal relationships.

As you work with your parental relationships, try and find the balance between blame and forgiveness. Release blame, but without ceasing to hold them or yourself accountable for bad behavior; practice forgiveness, but without denying your needs or feelings.

It is in this space that healing takes place. I do not believe that true forgiveness is possible without doing some work here.

I will be holding all of you - and your parents - in my thoughts this weekend.


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